Adjust front or rear brakes£7.00
Replace front or rear brake blocks£8.00+Parts
Replace front or rear brake inner or outer8.00+Parts
Fit new front or rear brakes (all types)£11.00+ Parts
Disc pad change£8.00+ Parts
Disc brake bleed£15.00+ Parts
Adjust front or rear gears£8.00
Replace front or rear gear cable inner or outer – externally routed£9.00+ Parts
Replace left hand or right hand gear shifter£17.00+ Parts
Replace left-hand crank£6.00+ Parts
Replace right-hand crank£9.00+ Parts
Replace complete chain-set£15.00+ Parts
Shorten or lengthen chain£6.00+ Parts
Replace chain£7.00+ Parts
Replace freewheel/cassette – wheel in bike£9.00+ Parts
Replace free-hub£22.00+ Parts
Bearings and conesPricesExtras
Adjust front or rear cones£7.00
Adjust loose bearing bottom bracket£7.00
Strip & re-grease front hub£16.00
Strip & re-grease rear hub£20.00
Strip & rebuild bottom bracket bearings£16.00+ Parts
Strip & rebuild headset bearing£16.00+ Parts
Replace bottom bracket with sealed unit£15.00+ Parts
Fit new headset (bare frame)£11.00+ Parts
Fit new headset (forks attached)£20.00+ Parts
Replace front axle£16.00+ Parts
Replace rear axle£21.00+ Parts
Tyres and TubesPricesExtras
Fit new front wheel£8.00+ Parts
Fit new rear wheel£11.00+ Parts
Fit new tube (inc tube) – Puncture Repair (Excluding Long Valves)£12.00
Fit new tube rear – Sturmey Archer (inc tube) – Puncture Repair£14.00
Fit new tyre£6.00+ Parts
Fit new tyre rear (Sturmey archer)£8.00+ Parts
Miscellaneous ItemsPricesExtras
Fit new grips£5.00+ Parts
Fit new front-load stem£7.00+ Parts
Fit new single-bolt stem£16.00+ Parts
Fit new bars – MTB/Hybrid£16.00+ Parts
Fit new saddle£5.00+ Parts
Fit mudguards front + rear (Stayed)£11.00+ Parts
Fit rear rack£9.00+ Parts
Replace pedals (pair)£5.00+ Parts
Fit stabilisers£9.00+ Parts
Fit computer and setup£11.00+ Parts
Frame replacement£80.00+ Parts
Build boxed bike£40.00+ Parts

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